What’s the IELTS Indicator And Everything You Need to Know In 2023

During the COVID-19 pandemic, It was risky to gather many people together. Because of this, Some examinations suffer inevitable delays and cancellation

The IELTS partners have introduced the IELTS Indicator to write your exams irrespective of where you are.

Hence in this article, we have covered everything you need to know about this exam, including the following. 

IELTS Indicator
  • What the IELTS exam is all about. 
  • How to prepare for IELTS Exam 
  • How it works

And many more things which you might not know about the IELTS exam. 

What is the IELTS indicator?

The IELTS indicator is a new online test that you can take at the comfort of your home,

The test was created in response to several exams canceled because of covid-19.

The test is taken by those who would like to study abroad. The test assesses your language proficiency, both speaking and writing.  

How Does IELTS Indicator Work

It’s an online test With an allocated start time and duration. 

To sit for the test, you will need a suitable computer or laptop with reliable internet access. 

The test covers all four skills, which are: 

  •  listening
  • reading
  • writing and speaking,

Who Is  IELTS Indicator Meant For?

Universities and other educational establishments can use IELTS indicators to assess the standard of a student’s language ability

Not all schools accept IELTS, so it is advisable always to check whether the university you are applying to accepts it or not before using it.

IELTS exam dates

IDP provides the same and fixes the IELTS test date calendar for a year.

There are four IELTS dates in a month, for academic whereas, general training IELTS exam is conducted twice a month

Students can choose any date from the listed date and any location out of the 55 various test centers.

Every week one IELTS test is conducted, most probably every Sunday,  on Thursday too.

In total, there are 48 academic tests conducted per year. 

The IELTS test can be taken seven days a week and four times a day.

In the IDP, only 1 test location is available 

The IELTS indicator, IELTS test  everything you need to know, provide all information on the date, fees, and location,

In all 11 official IELTS test center

How to apply on IELTS indicator

There are two ways to apply for IELTS, online and in-person,

 Instruction for both are as follows, 

Step1: complete the application form.

Step2: payment of test fees.

Step3: send application confirmation 

Auto email, acceptable ID copy, and evidence of payment too.

Payment @ielts.ng

Note that incomplete applications will be placed on hold for a maximum of 48 hours.

If your registration is not complete within this period.

The applicant would need to register again.

How to Apply online

To apply online, please follow the step below.

Complete the online application form 

Through IELTS online registration platform,

You will be required to submit a clear scan of your international passport.

IELTS Indicator

Pay the settled amount to the bank account that will be provided or make payments through pos at our office 

Send evidence of payments to payments @ielts.ng ( note that the name of the applicant that makes the payment will be indicated in the email)

A confirmatory email will be sent to you.

The application should be allowed for a maximum of 48 hours for processing and confirmation.

How to apply in person 

Register by completing the following steps 

Download IELTS application form

Complete your details and visit the IELTS office.

How can I prepare for the IELTS indicator test?

Preparing for a test can be stressful, especially when you don’t know where to start preparing.

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That is why the IELTS indicator test, IELTS 2022, and everything you need to know have been provided to set up a series of helpful steps to get you off tension.

Take a practice test

Taking a practice test is a step, to begin with, and to identify your weakness.

This is an essential part of your preparation that will help ascertain where your strengths and weaknesses are.

Not only is a practical test important, but it is equally essential to building upon your strength a solid foundation for the examination

However, if you are struggling to refrain or to identify your weakness,

You certainly need an expert by your side, 

Most test-takers consider taking an IELTS preparation course, one of the easiest ways to approach the test

It focuses solely on getting you ready for the IELTS. 

Understand your test format

Before you begin to prepare for your test, 

It is necessary to know your test format

Familiarize yourself with it by reviewing the content of the test,

As well as the question and task type for each paragraph.

Be aware of the exam time constraints 

The clearer you develop an understanding of the test structure

The higher your chance is of completing it successfully within the allocated time frame.

Be time conscious while studying for the practical IELTS test

Is the IELTS Test Easy?

You may hear from other test takers that the IELTS test is difficult,

This can only happen when you go unprepared.

Preparing for this exam focus on several different areas of the English terminology  

Which include

  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Writing
  • Ready

Before you start worrying, you need to remember the difficulty perceived will vary from one person to another.

One person may say that the writing and listening section was the hardest, while someone else may say writing and speaking were the hardest for them.

How hard you find the IELTS test solely depend on how much you practice ahead of Time 

Your particular learning techniques and your capacity to retain what you learn.

Remember, the best place to start your exam is to perform a self-assessment of the various examination areas


The speaking section will be easy for those that have been practicing speaking regularly

However, it’s important to answer all questions and stay on topic

which is where people have difficulties.


The listening section requires rapid attention to what is being said to you before answering. 

This test section is one of the hardest If you have not prepared ahead of time using test preparation equipment or by listening to English music or watching an English television show.


This section of the exam requires you to complete two important tasks,

What people the most challenging is being able to write complete answers for each task within the allocated time, you only have a total 

Of one hour to complete the section, with 20 minutes for the second task, you must also satisfy the minimum number of words for each task.


The reading section has a one-hour time limit, you must answer 40 questions while reading over 2000 words

People may find this section hard if they haven’t practiced their English vocabulary and they may have problems scanning and skimming the test.

You will want to spend time reading English books, newspapers, and magazines to improve scanning and skimming skills,

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As well as your English vocabulary.

Any section you find difficult you may need help outside from a qualified tutor.

As you improve your English skill in each of the sections, remember to retake practical tests to see if you find a section less challenging to complete.

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Is a Passport Required for IELTS?

 International students preparing for the IELTS examination must have a valid passport.

A valid passport is one of the main proofs required during registration.

The unique passport ID is used at the time of registration for the examination.

The student needs to carry an original copy of their valid passports with them on the test day.

The same ID that was used for their registration should be carried on the day of the test.

Students below 18 years of age need to present a consent form for minors before preparing for the examination.

Without a passport, students will not be allowed to register for the IELTS examination of the British Council, and IDP.

Important Tips for IELTS Registration 

  • the information provided by the candidates when applying for the test should match with the information in the passport.
  • Students under 18 years of age need to submit a document of consent while registering for the tests he/ she must be at least 16 years of age to take the test
  • During the registration, students need to enter the correct information and details,
  • The slots of examination and mode (offline and online) should be chosen at the

 time registration

  • The aspirant should try to read early this will ensure the 

availability of slot at your desired location

  • you can choose any date out of the 48 days per year( four per month), as allocated by IELTS conducting bodies,

to take the test.

The photo ID proof used during the registration should be carried on the day of the examination or else the students will not be allowed to take the examination.

Ensure that the passport is valid on the date of the IELTS test.

What Is Required for The Test

  • A quiet and comfortable space
  • A laptop or desktop computer, 

( mac or PC only you cannot take IELTS indicator on mobile )

  • A computer that meets the minimum and recommended system requirements
  • A reliable Internet connection
  • The ability to download and install inspire exam portal(IEP)
  • Weird or wireless headphones, for good sound during your listening test.
  • A working web camera 
  • Zoom application downloaded on your laptop
Before you book for the IELTS test here are a few things you should know 
  • Local and international students are accepted
  • Local and international students issued credit and debit card
  • Visa, Mastercard, JCB Diner International, Discover American Express, apple pay, and Google pay are accepted
  • If you have a locally issued debit card you will need to contact your bank before you pay
  • You’ll need to let your bank know about the transition before you pay ad it may be seen as an international payment 
  • The test fee will need to be paid in the US $ 
  • Make sure you have enough funds to cover the text fees.

After You Book for The Test

Once your test is booked you will receive a confirmation mail on your registered email or phone number.

For the speaking test, you can book a slot online on your preferred date and time (only applicable for the paper-based IELTS)

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If you would like to transfer your text date, cancel your registration, apply  for a refund, amend your data (post-test registration ) 

Submit a minor consent form or ask for any technical support 

IELTS accepted universities 

Over 3,400 institutions and programs in the USA accept IELTS scores as proof of English language skills. The minimum score requirement (and recommendation) might vary from 6.0 to 8.0 depending on the university and major one has chosen. IELTS results are generally available just 13 days after the test.

Minimum IELTS Score Required

The minimum IELTS scores required by the following institutions are as follows-

American University

College of Arts and Sciences 7

School of Communication 7

School of Public Affairs 7

School of International Service 7

Kogod School of Business 7

Arizona State University

W.P. Carey School of Business 6.5

Arizona State University

W.P. Carey School of Business 6.5

Thunderbird School of Global Management 6.5

Arkansas State University

College of Business 6

Auburn University Auburn

School of Nursing 6.5

College of Business 6.5

Department of Communication and Journalism 6.5

College of Veterinary Medicine 6.5

Harrison School of Pharmacy 6.5

Masters of Real Estate Development 7

Baruch College

Division of Continuing and Professional Studies 6.5

School of Public Affairs 7

Zicklin School of Business 7

Weissman School of Arts and Sciences (Office of Graduate Study 7

Baylor College of Medicine

Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences 6

Birmingham University

Biola University 6.5

Bloomfield College

Institute for Technology and Professional Studies 6

Boise State University

Business Graduate Programs 6.5

Engineering Graduate Programs 6.5

Boston College

Carroll School of Management 7.5

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences 7

William F. Connell School of Nursing 7.5

Woods College of Advancing Studies 7

School of Theology and Ministry 7

Graduate School of Social Work 7.5

Boston University

School of Public Health 7

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences 6.5

School of Management 7

School of Social Work 6.5

School of Education 6.5

College of Engineering 6.5

School of Theology 6.5

Metropolitan College 6.5

Division of Graduate Medical Sciences

College of Fine Arts 7

International Graduate Dermatology Program 7

College of Communication 7

School of Hospitality Administration 6.5

Pardee School of Global Studies 7

College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences: Sargent College 6.5

Questrom School of Business Graduate Admissions

Brandeis University

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences 7

Heller Graduate School (SID Program) 6.5

SLIFKA Program in Intercommunal Coexistence 7

International Business School 7

Graduate Professional Studies 7

Brigham Young University Utah

Marriott School of Management 7

Bryn Mawr College

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences 7

California State University

Masters in TESOL 7

Master of Business Administration 6.5

Master of Music 6.5

Carnegie Mellon University

Civil & Environmental Engineering 7

Department of Biomedical Engineering 7.5

Department of Chemical Engineering 7

Department of Chemistry 7

Department of Mathematical Sciences

Heinz College 7

Information Networking Institute 7

Master of Integrated Innovation for Products & Services 6.5

Master of Science in ComputationFinance

Mechanical Engineering 6

Mellon College of Science

Program in Engineering & Technology Innovation Management 7

School of Architecture 7

School of Computer Science 7

School of Music 7

Case Western Reserve University

Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing 7

Catholic University of America

Columbus School of Law 7

Chamberlain College of Nursing (online)

Master of Science in Nursing 6.5

Chapman University

Argyros School of Business and economics 7


In this article, we have covered everything you need to know about the IELTS indicator, IELTS test 2022. Are there more things which you would like to know more about this exam? Let’s hear from you in the comment box. 

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