IDP vs British Council: Which One Should You Chose While Taking IELTS Exam

Most applicants do not have the right idea regarding The IELTS test scheduling. They know about IELTS test booking. IELTS tests are administered by the British Council and IDP Australia together. They believe IDP Australia must schedule the test if you wish to travel to Australia or study in Australia.

If you’re a candidate looking to book their IELTS test online, there are two options: IDP vs British Council

There are two websites where you can make an appointment for your test.

Both websites have been listed below.


Nowadays, most candidates think that booking through IDP is essential since IELTS administered by IDP will be much more simple, while some candidates believe that IELTS through the British Council would be simple.

However, we want to assure you that there’s nothing like it. When you book the test on the IDP Official website or the official site of the British Council, you will find no changes in the difficulty of the test. The test will be a challenge for you until you’re ready for it.

You can visit any site and book your test. You can visit the website and reserve your IELTS test on the internet. You can pay for the test on the internet using your credit card. You can also choose to pay in cash by depositing the sum into the account you have been given.

Keep in mind that the country you will take the test should be selected to ensure that you don’t get fooled. If you want to take the test in some Asian countries, visit any official websites and choose your country. After that, you’ll be able to fill in your details in the manner you prefer and then book the test online and pay for it. Find out more about the nearest IELTS test centers in addition if you would like to.

You’ll have to submit a clean and scanned photo (passport size) or a copy of your identification card from the country you are a citizen of or another identification card.). If you pass the test, you’ll receive an email confirmation with all the information regarding your test and the test center (where you will sit for an exam).

The Difference in Test Fee

There is no distinction in the cost of the test whether you book it through IDP Australia or the British Council. You’ve made the right choice. The difference in the fees for testing will differ from one country to another. There is no difference in the amount you’ll be paying on any of these sites. The cost you pay for the test in the UAE will differ from what you’ll pay on the day of the test in the Netherlands.

IELTS Preparation – Tips, Tips

Before you take the test, it’s recommended to be prepared. Yes, successful IELTS test takers indeed spend the most time preparing, and once they are confident of their IELTS abilities, they can take the next step of registering for the test on the internet.

British council as well as IDP What are they?

The British Council is an organization that offers students the possibility to move abroad, where they can achieve their goals by enrolling at a reputable university, securing a lucrative and steady job, and then living in the country for a long time.

IDP is a similar organization to that of the British Council, which provides candidates with the assistance they need to meet their ambitions of moving forward in their lives through being able to study and live anywhere they choose. They aid applicants in finding their preferred courses or taking up studies at the best college or university located in the appropriate country. The destination can be any country with an English-speaking population.

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Differentialities among IDP vs British Council: common misconceptions and the truth

IDP vs British Council

The two organizations IDP along with British Council, are part of the same institution, and both are co-owners of IELTS However, some candidates are unsure and have misconceptions regarding the test and both organizations. Indeed, there’s not much difference between the two and the tests they pass. Let’s examine them both in-depth, with the most important points for candidates.

Easy level

Most likely, the most commonly-held misconception regarding the IELTS test conducted in conjunction with IDP and that of the British Council is the difficulty level. Many people believe that the exams offered by IDP are easier than those offered at the British Council. British Council. But the truth is very different, as both tests are created with the help of Cambridge English Language Assessment which is also a co-owner of IELTS. Both tests have the same difficulty, and neither test is more challenging.

IELTS examiners as well as the system of grading

Similar to the first aspect, a widespread belief that is incorrect lies in the belief that the British Council and its examiners are more gentle and lenient when grading. It is not the case since examiners from IDP, and the British Council IDP and British Council are trained in the same manner and use the same evaluation procedure. They both IDP, as well as BC examiners, have taken the same training and course; therefore, their criteria for evaluating the writing and speaking are identical too. Additionally, both groups of examiners are frequently assessed on their performance.

It is important to note that Reading and Listening tasks are based upon correct or incorrect answers, which leaves no space for the examiner’s judgment.

The validity of the certification

Another myth is that candidates who have obtained their certificates from the IDP can’t move to other countries such as the UK or the USA when they have passed the test with IDP (which is located in Australia). This is not true. IELTS certifications issued from IDP or those issued by the British Council have the same legitimacy and validity. Both are not superior since they are each given by the same company.

Fees and formats

As we mentioned earlier, Both exams were developed and created by Cambridge English Language Assessment and are the identical structure. The cost for both exams is the same. It does not matter whether the exam is administered through IDP or British Council if it is the Academic or General version or pen-and-paper-only or computer-driven.

Dialects, accents, and Accents

Although IDP is an Australian company while the British Council is UK-based, the accents aren’t different in the IELTS test. The test takers aren’t natives, but they could be from any country and possess any accent. But don’t be concerned: all test takers are natural or similar to native English accents and pronunciations.

For the listening test, it is possible to test a wide variety of accents, including British, American, Canadian, and Australian, regardless of where or the institute hosting the test.

The tests conducted through IDP or those administered by the British Council have the identical format and grading methods. Therefore, it doesn’t matter the one you choose. Still, you must be prepared and study for the exam in the same way.

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IDP and British Council: Which is the best that is right for you?

If you are still pondering whether both organizations are alike and use the same kind of IELTS test, then how do I determine which exam to pass.

What you must be focusing on is the different aspects of the exam like those that follow:

Test dates are available for testing.

It all depends on you and your requirements. It is best to take the test when confident in your preparation and consider what you require the certification for. In light of these two elements, it is recommended to choose an exam center that will allow you to take an exam on the time and date that will meet your requirements.

Locate and Proximity

The IELTS test takes two hours and forty-five minutes. This may seem a bit long. It would help if you arrived at the test center in time, feeling refreshed, at ease, calm and focussed. To ease the anxiety of this situation, you should select an exam location near you to arrive quickly and avoid any difficulties. Be aware of your options for transportation. If you’re planning to use public transport, It is recommended to locate the most convenient route ahead of time. This can help you save time and energy and also your ability to focus on the actual test rather than spending it on the journey from the city center.

The availability of the equipment

It is worth looking into the exam centers to find out what equipment they provide. For instance, some applicants prefer using headphones to listen; however, specific examination centers do not have headphones and instead play the listening portions via the loudspeakers. The stationary materials provided and refreshments offered could differ between centers, too. If this is crucial to you and your concentration level must be maintained, you should include it on your list of priorities.

Contact and Support

Another crucial thing to be aware of is to find a center that offers the type of customer service that is up to your expectations of you. You will likely spend nearly three hours in the exam center and will have to reach the center numerous times throughout the entire process. Therefore it is essential to select the center which has provided you with the best and most professionally-like impression. Pay particular attention to assistance systems offline and online, working hours, and the time during which the support staff responds to calls.

Physical characteristics of the center for examinations

Your comfort while taking the test is crucial since it has a direct impact on the test’s performance as well as your outcomes. Be attentive to the quality of the seats and the furniture as you’ll sit for a significant amount of time, and you must feel at ease. Check if you have enough windows that allow the natural light and air circulation and a space big enough to sit comfortably in. There might be sounds in the area because of construction or traffic. Locating a test site in a neutral and quiet zone is a further factor to be considered.

The nature of the test

IDPs Cambridge English Language Assessment designs the test’s questions. Therefore, there is no distinction, whether you are taking the test through IDP or the British Council. British Council or IDP.

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IELTS Examiners

Examiners from each IDP and the British Council get trained in the same way. They both take the listening tests, as well as the Tests for Reading, and are dependent on can correct answers. Your score is based on the correctness of your answers.

Therefore, there isn’t a particular role of an examiner when it comes to these situations.

The examiner plays a vital role during exam preparation. They are writing as well as Speaking tests. Examiners in BC and IDP follow the same curriculum and their scoring criteria remain the same. They are also screened often on their evaluations.

Accents that are used

While BC is distinguished from being British while IDP is Australian, They are still indifferent regarding IELTS. The examiner could come from any nation and could use any accent. The same is true for the test taker who could utilize any accent.

How do you choose between BC as well as IDP?


The test center that is nearer to your home should be selected. You can report well in advance and focus on other essential things instead of choosing a center (of your choice) that is located far away and then feeling exhausted when you reach the test center.

Equipment availability

The majority of test takers opt for headphones to pass the listening test since they can concentrate better. Ensure that the equipment is available in the test center before deciding to take it.

Test date and availability

Select the center depending on the date availability. The test should be taken at a time when you’re well-prepared and confident. It is crucial to choose the data by analyzing it. Choose a center that provides the date you’d like.

Fees and formats

The cost for the test is the same regardless of whether you choose to take it through IDP as well as BC. There is no distinction between the fees for IDP and BC irrespective of whether it’s General or Academic or whether it’s pen-and-paper-based or computer-based.

The final words

The IELTS test will require a lot of effort and practice for applicants to obtain their desired score. It can be a difficult process and can be complicated if you aren’t certain which institution they should take their test at.

Everything YOU Need to Have a Band Score of 7.0 or Above in Your IELTS Exam Even You Are Terrible With English

To make the right choice it is important to keep in mind that there’s nothing significant to differentiate between IELTS tests administered at the IDP as well as IDP or the British Council, neither is less or more difficult, and both are based on the same format and the same grading system.

What matters to make a decision is knowing your personal needs and expectations. When will you require IELTS certification? If you require it as soon as you can, then you must pick the earliest exam date regardless of the exam’s organization. Also, you should look at the distance from where you are and make sure you choose an exam center located far away to save both energy and time.

Regardless of the organization, it would help to choose the center for your exam to make the procedure more enjoyable and straightforward.

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